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Cleveland Whiskey

1768 E. 25th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114 | View on Google Maps
Tom Lix Tom Lix
(216) 881-8481

Year Established: 2011
ADI Forum Username: MALCOM
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At Cleveland Whiskey, we push the boundaries of convention, build on great traditions and artfully blend science with craft to create unique and extraordinary, award-winning spirits

We put our heart and soul into what we make, we think creatively and push hard for real and meaningful innovation.  Whiskies finished with woods other than oak and not only in a barrel, natural flavors without sugar or syrup, no artificial color.

Using a proprietary technology to mature our spirits, we take very young whiskey – aged in a barrel for less than six months and instead of continuing to keep the whiskey in the barrel, we take the liquid out. We take the staves from the barrel, cut and measured to control for oxygen content, surface area and moisture, and then add the wood into the whiskey in pressure capable stainless-steel tanks.

From there we take the miracle of nature and weather but reduce it down to a science: controlling for temperature changes, pressure, oxygen infusion and finally cavitation. Essentially, forcing the reaction between the wood and the whiskey.

This process is what allows us to use uncommon woods like Hickory and Black Cherry to finish our Underground bourbons. If you made a barrel out of these woods they would leak like a sieve. But they do make incredible, never-before-tasted flavor profiles for our bourbons. Something no one else in the market can do.

We partner with one-of-a-kind Bars and Restaurants who value creating a unique experience for their customers.

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